Open Source

Think OPEN,Contribute to the FUTURE

Samsung's Key Value for

Open Source

Samsung believes that the practice of open source is key to preparing for future technologies.
  • Samsung welcomes new and meaningful connections from the diverse and inclusive open source community.

  • Collaboration

    We value constant involvement and contribution to open source and its many projects.

  • Dev Culture

    By continuously educating our employees to the open source standards, our products are thoroughly checked to ensure maximum license compliance.

Samsung Open Source Projects


Tizen is an open and flexible operating system built from the ground up to address the needs of all stakeholders of the mobile and connected device ecosystem.

Tizen RT

TizenRT is lightweight RTOS-based platform to support low-end oT devices.


JerryScript is the lightweight JavaScript engine intended to run on a very constrained devices such as microcontrollers

Home Edge

Home Edge Project, concentrates on driving and enabling a robust, reliable, and intelligent home edge computing open source framework, platform and ecosystem running on a variety of devices in our daily lives.


IoTivity is an open source software framework enabling seamless device-to-device connectivity to address the emerging needs of the Internet of Things.


NNStreamer enables stream processing paradigm for neural network applications and devices.