About Us

The importance of open source is increasingly becoming evident globally.
In the past, Samsung Open Source has used and contributed to platforms such as Linux kernel, Android, Tizen, and to IoT open source.
During the recent years, we have been trying to expand to new technology areas such as 5G, Robot, AI.

In order to prepare for future technologies, Samsung Open Source is doing research on 5G/6G, Robot, AI, Data Intelligence, Next Generation Visual Technology, Life Care & New Experience, Security, Tizen Platform, while utilizing open source technology.

Samsung Open Source is preparing for these future technology fields while adhering to the following 3 core values:


- In the platform field, we have made our contribution through making 90% of the Tizen source code available by a royalty free license.
- We have maintained our spot as the Top 5th contributor to the Linux Kernel code since 2015.
- We have also contributed more than 70% of the EFL code.
- We built OCF (Open Connectivity Foundation) and Iotivity in 2015 and are supporting open source in the IoT field.
- Open sources for other fields such as AI are disclosed through github.com/Samsung.


- We have promoted collaboration in the 5G Network field by being part of the LF Networking Board, being an ONF vendor partner and being the Top 2 Contributor to the ONAP code.
- We are participating in EdgeX Foundry, an open source for Edge computing, and lead the said technology through being part of the LF edge board.
- We are involved in the ROS Navigation2 open source project in the Robotics field.
- We are participating in 4 working groups such as the TODO group (open source operating organization) and Partnership on AI.
- We have established the three AI ethics principles needed to develop and / or use artificial intelligence (Transparency, Accountability, Fairness)

Development Culture

- We are currently strengthening our internal development infrastructure
- We are also expanding our Inner Source initiatives in order to transform our internal development culture.

Samsung Open Source will continue to work to create value for the future through innovation, openness and cooperation.